Profil Syarikat

Entrepreneurs Development Institute (E.D.I.) 

was established in 1984 by Dr. Abdul Aziz bin Azimullah (Dr. Azimuth). Over the years, it has grown into a midsized company with a number of divisions and associate companies.

     – CSR – EDI Project Akademi Usahawan Malaysia
     – E.D.I. – H.R.D. & Business Consultancy Division
     – Dr. Azimuth Holistic Health, Beauty, Gym & Wellness Therapy Centres
     – BioNutriMax Sdn Bhd (Associate company – E.D.I. BioHerbal Product Division)
     – Kuala Lumpur Herbal Garden and Quartz Spa at MRR2, BT6 Gombak
     – JV Three Sdn Bhd – Dr Azimuth Integrated Wellness Resort
     – Secret Spices Sdn Bhd
     – 5 Stars Service Apartment at rapid Pengerang, Johor
     – Swiftlets Ventures International Division (New Company to be setup)

Dr. Azimuth Holistic Health, Beauty & Wellness Therapy Centres

The Government under GTP / EPP6A intend to develop Malaysia as the hub and centre for wellness, beauty & health in South Asia to generate 200 000 new job for the 2020 with GNI value of more than 20 billion. Objective of Dr. Azimuth Wellness Division is to develop 50 units of Dr. Azimuth Health and Beauty Centre throughout Malaysia through salon development project on a phase-to-phase basis. Currently there are 19 Dr. Azimuth wellness Centres which is also use as Entrepreneurship Lab to develop 1500 new entrepreneurs in wellness industry. We will have 50 wellness centres will be developed throughout Malaysia in 2014 / 2015.

We intend to develop Dr Azimuth brand as well as the foremost brand and wellness centre in Malaysia as well as to help develop the skill manpower / human capital required in the wellness industry in the future.

Dr. Azimuth Wellness Centres provides beauty and health therapy technology and products under Dr. Azimuth brand to generate multiple sources of income to the salon. The multiple sources of income in every salon are:

     – Dr. Azimuth Vitamin C Facial Infusion Therapy
     – Dr. Azimuth Soft Laser 890nm Therapy
     – Dr. Azimuth Glowing Rejuvenating Facial Therapy
     – Dr. Azimuth Slimming Therapy
     – Dr. Azimuth Laser Ayurveda Hair Therapy
     – Dr. Azimuth Total Wellness/Holistic Massage Therapy
     – Dr. Azimuth Health and Wellness Products,
                i.e. GamatMaxx, BioYouth, Colonkleen, IgGMaxx, Vitaltea and Vital Coffee
     – Dr. Azimuth Health Therapy Equipments
                i.e. Dr. Azimuth High Potential, Dr. Azimuth Multi Energy, Dr. Azimuth Ionic Detox,
                      Bio Aura Water System and Slim X Exercise Machine
     – Dr. Azimuth Ladies Gym Fitness Centre, consisting 20 types of exercises for slimming, wellness and
       vitality based on physiotherapy research.